Harvey Littleman

Using Additional points congruent triangles Area of a triangle [OQL]=OL . KL/2=bc/2[OPQ]+[LKQ]=PQ . KL/2+QK.KL/2=(PQ+QK).KL/2=PK.KL=bc/2=>[OQL]=[OPQ]+[LKQ]=bc/2[OPKL]= [OQL]+[OPQ]+[LKQ]=2bc/2=bc In the same way [LMHI]= [IJEF]= [FGNO]= [OPKL]= bc[QRST]= [OLIF] + [OQL] + [LRI] + [ISF] + [FTO][QRST]= c^2+2bc=c(c+2b) Therefore [QRST]= ac (Situation A) But, this is not true if b is too big, then […]


From Gogeometry Using Additional points Inscribed angles in a circle central and inscribed angle congruent triangles Concyclic points ∠ABC=∠ADC = π/2 => ABCD are concyclic with center O=> OA=OD=OC=OB Define D’ such as ΔCAD is congruent to ΔCAD’∠CDA=∠CD’A = π/2 =>D’ is on the circle O=> ∠ACD= ∠ACD’= α => […]

Gogeometry Problem 017

From Gogeometry Using Additional points Pythagoras congruent triangles Similar triangles Equilateral triangle Let b=AD=DC and d=BCΔACB and ΔBCD are similar since ∠BAC=∠DBC=x and ∠BCD=∠BCAThen AC/BC=CB/CD=AB/BD => 2b/d=d/b => d=b√2 Define C’ such as DC’ ⊥ AC and DC’=b∠BDC=∠ADC – π/4= π – π/4 = 3 π/4∠BDC’=∠BDA + ∠ADC’ = π/4 […]

Gogeometry Problem 001

From Gogeometry Using : Additional points Similar triangles •ΔABC is isosceles and right in B => BA=BC and ∠BAC=∠BCA=Π/4 • Define G in AC such as AB=AG => ΔBAG is isosceles in A •Define H intersection of AD and BG •∠BAH=∠GAH=Π/4/2=Π/8  and HB=HG and ∠AHB=∠AHG=Π/2 •and ∠ABH=∠AGH and ∠ABH+ ∠BAH […]

Gogeometry Problem 975