Using Additional points congruent triangles Area of a triangle [OQL]=OL . KL/2=bc/2[OPQ]+[LKQ]=PQ . KL/2+QK.KL/2=(PQ+QK).KL/2=PK.KL=bc/2=>[OQL]=[OPQ]+[LKQ]=bc/2[OPKL]= [OQL]+[OPQ]+[LKQ]=2bc/2=bc In the same way [LMHI]= [IJEF]= [FGNO]= [OPKL]= bc[QRST]= [OLIF] + [OQL] + [LRI] + [ISF] + [FTO][QRST]= c^2+2bc=c(c+2b) Therefore [QRST]= ac (Situation A) But, this is not true if b is too big, then […]


From Gogeometry Using : Isometric transformation Additional points Pythagoras Similar triangles Tangents to a circle Define O middle of AB, r=ED AD^2+AO^2=DO^2 a^2+(a/2)^2=(a/2+r)^2 a^2+a^2/4=a^2/4+r^2+ar r^2+ar-a^2=0 ∆=a^2+4a^2=5a^2 r>0 => r=(a.sqr(5)-a )/2 Draw a square symetryc of ABCD by O =>D becomes D’, C becomes C’, E becomes E’ => C’D’BA is […]

Gogeometry Problem 458